Well, Fancy That!

September 25, 2010

Dogs, canines and puppies (oh my) were on hand at a ceremony today where Ernie Sloan, editor of Dog Fancy Magazine, named Provincetown America’s most dog friendly town. The Carrie A. Seamen Animal Shelter was given a check for $2,500, as was the Pilgrim Bark Park;

Park Directors Receive Check


award for being best dog town is handed over people with giant checks dogs Dog dog dog dogs dog dogs dogs dog dog dog dog dog dogs dog

There were tons of dogs there to celebrate – big and small, (actually huge and tiny), old and young, hyper and totally relaxed. There was a lot of barking, tail wagging, scratching and sniffing. The crowd cheered, the dogs howled and a good time was all.

  Dog Town USA tee shirt

Also, the new dog –person water fountain on the lawn of Town Hall was just installed!